The Farm

The size of the farm is 1500 hectares in total. Phase 1 consists of developing 800 hectares of citrus that will include a mix of grapefruit, lemon, Valencia and premium mandarin.

For irrigation purposes we have built a 12 kilometre pipeline running from the water utilities plant near Selebi-Phikwe that follows a road around the BCL mine and all the way to the farm. All sorts of challenges came up during the construction of the line: If it wasn’t rain pouring down and flooding the trenches that were dug, we uncovered delicate skeletons. 


A skeleton of a man from royal descent was uncovered while digging. An archeologist from the area took great care in exhuming the body from its 400 year old grave. The skeleton currently resides in Gaborone at the University of Botswana where studies are being done to determine its origins and to learn more about the people that were here long before us. 


When the guys and girls with the white coats are done, these royal bones will be carefully reburied close to their original resting place and clearly marked, hopefully not to be disturbed again. The remains are said to be the oldest complete skeleton uncovered in Botswana to date, so is of particular significance to the country.