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Selebi - Phikwe’s First Citrus Farm

Selebi Phikwe Citrus is a 1200 hectare horticultural development near Selebi-Phikwe in the Central District of Botswana. Intended as a flagship project for the country, it will set in motion the growth of the country’s agriculture industry.

Where it all began

What started as a dream many years ago, has now slowly but surely become a reality. A 1200 hectare citrus farm is taking shape in a small town called Selebi-Phikwe, situated in the Central District of Botswana.

2025 Target


Ha Citrus


Ha mixed Fruit



The development of 880 hectares of citrus and 320 hectares of other fruit started in 2020 and will be completed by 2025. 


Although the first tree was planted in 2020, it will be a few years until our orchards come into full production. We’re hard at work to establish 800 hectares of citrus and 400 hectares of other fruit by 2025.

Curious about the project?

We are very passionate about the project and believe it will make a great impact on the agricultural sector of Botswana. The success of a project of this scale is dependent on all the people who contribute.

For more information on the project, please get in touch.