Selebi Phikwe Packers

The planning process for Selebi Phikwe Packers Packhouse began in early 2022, as the team delved into extensive research and analysis of various packhouse setups and citrus packing machines. It was crucial to identify the most efficient and effective design that would meet our operational needs.

Selebi Phikwe Packers

After careful consideration, a final plan was adopted and budgeted, setting the stage for the exciting journey ahead. In parallel, preparations for the packhouse site commenced, laying the groundwork for the construction phase. Throughout the year, the dedicated team worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of the site was prepared to perfection.


By November 2022, the foundation trenches were completed, marking a significant milestone in the packhouse project. The team’s hard work and meticulous attention to detail laid the groundwork for the next phase of construction. With the foundations in place, December 2022 saw the beginning of the building process for the walls and steelworks.


It is truly remarkable to witness the packhouse rise before our eyes, taking shape and becoming a tangible embodiment of our vision. The packhouse will not only serve as a hub for our citrus operations but also symbolize progress, innovation, and the future of Selebi Phikwe Citrus.


Key Dates

December 2022 –  Foundations completed

February 2023 – Steel structure started

April 2023 – Steel structure completed (first phase 12,000 square metres)

May 2023 – Roof sheeting and cladding started

June 2023 -The roof and cladding have been completed, and finishing touches are underway. Next, the focus will be on laying the floor and completing the firewall and ablution building. The electrification of the project will soon commence.

The construction phase of Selebi Phikwe PAckers packhouse.


July 2023 

The next steps in the packhouse construction process involved laying the floor and receiving the necessary wet- and packing line materials. Additionally, the electrification process will be initiated, ensuring proper power supply for the packhouse operations. Simultaneously, the team will begin work on the waterworks, setting up the essential infrastructure to ensure a reliable water supply for the project.


August 2023

The goal is to complete the Packhouse floor, outside floors, and roads. The electrification process will also be finalised, paving the way for seamless operations. Additionally, we are waiting for the arrival of the packing line materials, marking an important step towards setting up our state-of-the-art facility. Once the material is received, the team will start building the wet line.


September 2023

Our plan is to complete all civil works, including water works, to ensure a smooth operational flow. Additionally, we eagerly anticipate the delivery of the final pack line materials and the sizer, which will greatly enhance our packing capabilities. Our dedicated team will be busy erecting the packing lines and installing the sizer, setting the stage for efficient and precise sorting and packing processes. Alongside these activities, we will begin the installation of the fire protection plan, prioritizing the safety and security of our operations.


October 2023

The focus will be on key installations and finalising essential systems for the packhouse. We will prioritise the installation of the packing lines, sizer, and wet lines, ensuring they are fully operational and aligned with our production goals. Additionally, we aim to complete the fire protection installation to ensure the safety and security of our facility.


November 2023

The packing lines, wet line, and sizer installation will be finalised, marking a significant milestone for our project.


December 2023

We will commence the testing and commissioning of all the systems.