October 2021 – January 2022

In the last three months, we have made huge strides in our project, and we are very proud of our accomplishments.


In terms of hectares planted, we are at just below 500 ha and around 330 000 trees planted. Our incredible planting team keeps breaking their own daily record! On the last day of planting in 2021, our team successfully managed to plant 11,200 trees. Congratulations, and a tip of the hat to them. We are grateful for their commitment and hard work on this project.


Dam 3 was completed in December 2021, which brings the holding dams for phase 1 to completion. All built dams are operational.

Mr. Eugene Smit, accompanied by his wife Eva and their children Marko, Clara, and Franco, has joined the Selebi Phikwe Citrus team as the new technical manager. We extend our warmest wishes for a successful and fulfilling journey at SPC.

We had the great privilege and honour to host His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi Erik Keabetswe Masisi, the president of Botswana, and members of Parliament on the farm on the 27th of October 2021. The purpose of his visit was to get a first-hand update on the progress of the project, and SPC did not disappoint. He was very pleased and told us to keep up the good work.

We are well on our way into 2022 already. The season has brought its own challenges, including rain and weeds. Controlling weeds on 500 ha is no joke! The rain also makes the process of preparing the soil very difficult, as equipment keeps getting stuck in the muddy fields. Sometimes it’s better to wait until the soil dries off, and that’s costing the project precious time. Luckily, we have a positive, can-do attitude, and nothing will prevent us from achieving our goals and making this project a success. We are hard at work making sure our planted orchards are in good condition and the trees are happy and healthy.


We are looking forward to the new year! Happy 2022 to everyone following along on our journey!

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