Meet Tlhonolofatso “Ogee” Ogolotse

Hello everyone, I’m Tlhonolofatso “Ogee” Ogolotse, an assistant production manager at SPC for 1 year and 4 months. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, obtained at the Botswana University of Agriculture, as well as a Natural Resources and Digital Marketing certification from Google. My time at SPC has been remarkable, with abundant opportunities and supportive mentors. My daily tasks include supervising scouts, ensuring workers perform their duties, conducting research, managing fertigation, and following instructions from seniors.


SPC is a dynamic company dedicated to shaping Botswana’s agricultural landscape. I’ve had a rewarding experience working alongside Senior Oom Larry, who has provided me with endless opportunities to showcase my skills. I’m grateful for his belief in my potential. With my current expertise, I proudly consider myself a citrus specialist in the making.

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