Meet the Smit Family

With a shaking voice I pray before we left our home in South Africa  –


Dear Lord please bless our new journey, Please show us the way You planned for us to stand strong in Your will and shine Your light to our new community… Today we stand proud and strong, looking back on the past 14months. Wow what a ride it has been so far. Botswana welcomed me and my wife with our 3 children on October 2021 with so many friendly loving faces all the way from the border right to our new home. Yes not everything is picture perfect every day but to think back on your childhood – the scrapped knees and tears running down your cheeks from falling down aswell as happy blooming hearts when you achieved a milestone, made you the person you are today – so was our journey so far. A life long saying going with us – it is okay to fall it is okay to feel you could have done better but the most important thing is to stand back up, face the world straight in the eye and say – God give me strength I’m ready to try again.  


We learned so much from the community and the people around us that we feel proud to finally say “we found our home” . Each day is a blessing from above to see how our lives grows with the Citrus farm.


To take the leap in Gods’ name was the best decision for our family. We are grateful to be a part of Selebi Phikwe Citrus. 

~ Smit family

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