Meet Johannes and Chrisna Els

There’s nothing quite like arriving at a destination and feeling truly welcome there. The people of Botswana welcomed us with open arms, ready to show us their incredible country through their eyes. By joining the SPC team we were truly blessed in our new adventure that began on 1st March 2022. Botswana is a lovely country with warm hearted people, you know, the kind that really cares. 


When we think of Botswana, space is the one word that comes to mind, from the rolling plains to the infinite sky above. This is an ideal destination for our family who’s ready to escape, explore, relax, and reset. Botswana is a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers and “oh boy” do we enjoy the 4 x 4 river adventures!  It promises beautiful landscapes almost all to yourself. 


Being part of a new country, new community, and the new farm development of SPC warms our hearts, excites us, and gives us hope for a great future.

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