From the Janse Van Vuurens Pen

We first arrived in Phikwe in May 2021.


We were very excited and ready for our new chapter and challenge in our lives…..


We started off with a bang and everything happened so fast. On the farm they started planting the first trees in the newly prepared ground, with enough challenges off its own. I had to fall in at the office in town and the kids had to be signed in at a school and fall in to our new live. Oh what a journey it has been. 


Today 18months later we are still here standing tall and very happy to be part of the community of Selebi Phikwe and off the amazing project. It is an honor to work for Selebi Phikwe Citrus and to face the challenges that come up with the amazing team we work with. 


Botswana is an amazing country with the kindest and most amazing people. We learn from them every day. We love living here and raising our children in this beautiful country and enjoy it to explore all the places Botswana has to offer.

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